MoneyGram Remission Website

Welcome to the MoneyGram Remission Website

The Remission Administrator is mailing Petitions for Remission in the second half of February to victims that have been identified.  These forms will show your known eligible loss based on records in the possession of the USPIS.  If you get a pre-filled petition form and agree with the amount shown, sign and date the form and mail it back in the return envelope provided or submit online.

If you don’t agree with the loss amount printed on your pre-filled petition form, fill out the information requested on the petition form and supply documentation (MoneyGram receipts, send forms, or history reports with a listed eight digit money transfer control number) to support your claim. Do not send original receipts.

If you did not receive a Petition for Remission, please wait until June 1, 2021. You will be able to submit a petition online or via mail at that time.

Please continue to check this website regularly for updates.